Tuesday, 17 June 2014

TK Maxx for Interiors

I have already posted how much of a fan I am of TK Maxx for the amazing bargains you can pick up. It is a really cool place to browse when you are furnishing a new space on a budget. I picked up these pieces on a recent trip and I am in love with them. I have a small collection of owl related things as I find them pretty lucky so I was really pleased to find this beautiful vase and cute little ceramic box. The photo frame has so much texture to it, it really stood out for me. I like how all the pieces are neutral white and would go with anything, yet have lots of personality.

TK Maxx is also brilliant for finding discount candles that smell amazing! I love a scented candle but they can be really pricey, and cheaper supermarket versions don't have the same scents or cute labelling. TK Maxx usually has an aisle dedicated to candles and other scented pieces for rooms and you can usually sniff out a bargain! This MySenso candle retails at £15.90 and I picked it up for £4.99. The scent is musc cassis, it's very heady, feminine and floral, perfect for a pampering session.

Have any of you guys picked up a bargain recently?

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