Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Primark/ Semi-Chem Haul

As today was my day off, I made a mini shopping date with my sister Lou. I managed to pick up some bargains and also some necessities that I've been meaning to get for a while.

Firstly, Primark. I picked up this top for a mere £3, it will be perfect for work where I like to wear thinner layers I can build up. I love the bow detail on the back, and the colour is a gorgeous grey-lilac shade that will see me through to summer. I bought cotton pads (no more ruining face cloths!) and exfoliating gloves because they were bright and I really needed a pair. I've not used fake eyelashes from Primark before, but for a pound I'm willing to try them out.

At Semi-Chem I got this gorgeous nail varnish which is guilty of having the worst/ funniest name I've ever heard (district-ly come dancing). I love this colour, it's bold and bright and will hopefully go really well with my gold rings. The shampoo I got as an experiment. I've been dying my hair recently so it's a little lighter and sometimes it has reddish undertones, so I'm trying to neutralise it. Hopefully it will reduce the brassiness.

Have you tried the PRO:VOKE hair care range? If you have any tips or tricks on toning your hair I'd love to hear them!

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