Wednesday, 26 February 2014

February Favourites 2014

It's coming up to the end of February, Spring is right around the corner and finally there is a bit of sun! This month I've been loving:

Nivea Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream For Normal to Combination Skin SPF15 50ml, £3.99, here

I hadn't used Nivea for a long time when I got this as a gift last month, and I've been using it every other day since. The gift came with a couple of other Nivea products and all of them have been really good for my skin, not too drying and really subtle smelling. The moisturiser is perfect for carrying about in my bag, meaning I can top up if I feel like I need a little freshen up. It applies really well and quickly absorbs into the skin.

label.m Hold & Gloss Spray, £11.95, here

I've been using a lot of spray in my hair this month, trying to combat the air conditioning fly-aways! This is my go to, a fantastic non-aerosol hair spray that leaves my hair frizz free and shiny. It works especially well after I've straightened my hair, as it's a light spray and stops my hair looking too flat.

Collection 2000 Eye Definition 6ml Ebony, £2.99, here

I am somewhat of a drugstore eyeliner expert. I have found so many eyeliners that work well for up to a month and then just become disappointing. I figured I might as well just get a cheap one and was really surprised that, actually, it's really good! The formula has lasted and is a really lovely jet black. The brush is brilliant for application and doesn't drag, so it's great for experimenting with new eyeliner styles. Just a really decent all rounder!

Barry M Nail Paint Rose Quartz Glitter, £2.99, here

I know a lot of people aren't keen on Barry M but I think they're fab little pick-me-ups. I always find them really easy and reliable nail varnishes to apply and if you take good care of them they last ages. I got this lovely glittery number because I love anything that sparkles and it's a lovely colour of gold with hints of dusky pink. It looks great on it's own with just a couple of coats, but I'm really looking forward to playing about with it as a sealant on bright colours for spring.

White Musk® Eau De Parfum, £13.00, here

White Musk is one of those scents that always brings me back to my childhood, especially the long rolling summers playing dress up in the garden with sunglasses and scarves. I bought this little bottle to carry in my bag, it's a perfect size and it smells so lovely! It's a really good day perfume for spring.

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