Friday, 25 July 2014

Pamper Night

The last few weeks I have been stressed. I changed jobs, definitely for the better in terms of taking a leap in the right direction, and I have a lot more responsibilities. As one of those odd people who is happiest when busy and working with plenty to do, I have been really happy! However, I find it pretty hard to switch off once I get home.

So that is what my mission was last night. To take some time to myself to chill out. It doesn't come naturally to me, but I have decided to do this more often as I felt so good afterwards! Here are my tips for a lovely night in.

Firstly, it is essential to set a relaxing atmosphere before you start. I preferred having the night to myself as I am sure many of my readers would too, so try and set it around a time where you won't be interrupted by family or friends. Try getting rid of any clutter and giving the room a quick clean and hoover before you start - it makes a huge difference. Closing the curtains, setting up some candles and filling the room with clean scents also helped to set the mood for a relaxing evening.

Once I was happy with my surroundings, I had the exfoliating gloves on and gave myself a good scrub! My favourite shower gel is Original Source in Mint and Teatree. I find it very soothing and I love the tingly clean feeling you get afterwards. For my face, I use a gentle facial scrub. I recommend Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant - it is expensive, but I have never used a gentler product that has such an immediate effect. For those extra rough areas, I would use Lush Sugar Scrub. A mix of sugar, fennel, ginger and lavender oil, it buffs the skin and is great for softening areas that need a bit more attention. Alternatively, a pumice stone is a great investment and super cheap from any chemists.

Once you are free of all that gross dead skin, it's time for a super sweet smelling body lotion. Johnsons baby oil is always lovely to keep moisture locked in and leave your skin feeling amazing. I tried out Whish Body Butter in lavender for a really relaxing formula that melted into my skin. Lavender is one of my favourite scents when I'm pampering myself, I find it very calming and cleansing! For those extra rough bits such as elbows, knees and feet, I used Derma Intensive+ Cocoa Body Butter by Mellor and Russell. I got it as a gift and it smells so strongly of chocolate! It is really hit or miss for some people as the scent is very strong but I enjoy using it, especially as the scent is long lasting and becomes more subtle throughout the day. I'll take a moment to buff my nails and maybe paint them before I pop some socks on to keep my feet extra moisturised.

Finally, my face. Pick out a face mask - Montagne Jeunesse are a favourite of mine, especially 'Red Hot Earth' Sauna Masque which feels really hot on application but leaves skin feeling fresh. I then spritz on my new favourite, Lush Tea Tree Toner, and apply some moisturiser. My skin is fairly non-fussy so I use Simple moisturiser - it's a cheap enough product that does what I need! I also pop some eye cream on just to keep the more sensitive skin around my eyes feeling fresh. I used Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream, it has a pleasant zesty scent and felt lovely and soft to apply.

After my evening of concentrating on myself, I definitely felt like I had a clearer head and generally just felt good all over! I'm going to try and have them regularly so they become part of my routine. Have you guys got any pamper night tips to share?

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